3 reasons you must visit Goa in the rains!

Updated: May 13, 2020

Monsoons are not the ideal time to visit beaches- or so they say! Goa is one of the most amazing places in India, where irrespective of the time, season or weather- you will be guaranteed a great time! That's the reason I decided to give it an explore during the rains. And here's 3 reasons why you should not shy away from this opportunity either:

It's Lush Green!

It's green everywhere- literally! Your eyes would be glued to the surroundings and all you would see are freshly washed leaves bathing in the dim sun while swirling lightly as the wind sways. The weather does tend to become slightly humid when the rain stops- but if you are in Goa- in most probability, you would be renting a 2 wheeler and nothing blows away the mind more than the gentle breeze while travelling along the small, pretty and narrow lanes of Goa! You will not feel a tad bit uncomfortable!

It's Peacefully Quiet!

Don't be surprised if you end up being alone on the beaches. Due to monsoons, most beach shacks would be closed. There will be a few restaurants along the beach with an amazing view. The entire beach would be for you and your partners in crime. Be careful and don't swim into the sea as waters tend to be swift and risky during this season. I just stood along the beach and smelled in the salty-sweet air while the fresh air hustled by my hair!

An empty Betalbatim beach in Goa during the rains!
Empty and relaxed Goa beach!

It's beautiful!

Goa during winter is a party paradise. Goa during monsoon is a writer's retreat. Don't be surprised if your thoughts start revolving around the miner nuances of life and you start singing a tune while creating your own lyrics! It's wonderfully romantic and artistically enriching to visit Goa during Monsoons!

Have I convinced you for your next trip?