Bienvenido a Barcelona!

I hate cities on principle! They are full of people busy with lives, having no time to enjoy subtle, regular nuances & experiences of life- I am used to a city life, I hate going to cities on vacation. They remind me of what I have just escaped from and what I will be going back to! It’s not that I would prefer living life on a remote, isolated island with no internet connection or Netflix. It’s just I need to escape the realities of life, responsibilities of adulthood & come back with a fresh perspective! Barcelona gave me just that!

Lively streets, vibrant beach culture, friendly people, a shopper’s paradise- is there anything that would make a city more perfect! From the exhilarating emotions at Olympic grounds to the majestic awe at architecture for Gaudi’s Sangrada- there is simply no emotion that the city does not tap! The unending streets lead to cheerful laughter of children playing nonchalantly as passersby smile. A simple walk down the street could lead to a new pizzeria or a lively bar serving Sangrias 24X7! The architecture in the city & the mood of its residents was a piece of envy for me!

Although we went at a time when the Catalonia movement was at its peak, I was mighty surprised & felt awed at the way the city & its residents welcomed tourists. There were no protests during the working days of the week & even the weekend protests were peaceful demonstrations of agitation. A visit to La Rambla district will make you relax using Shopping Therapy! Although a tad bit more expensive than Madrid, Barcelona shopping has its perks because of the weather which is slightly better than Madrid. La Rambla is a long street filled with shops, artists & magicians and also houses a large market complex where street food can be availed at very reasonable rates along with the staple Spanish diet- Desperado & Tinto de Verano!

From chocolates to wine to meat to vegetables- this market has everything!

What I loved most about Barcelona was the fact that in spite of it being a city & housing a large population, it had not lost that carefree spirit which makes humans enjoy life!

My joy at finding the perfect backgrounds to pose with!

Every evening in the city was a new discovery, a new adventure & I was really sad to leave the city. I know for sure, I will visit Barcelona once more in my life!