Pawna Lake: Camping ground for dreams!

Updated: May 11, 2020

What causes anxiety, frustration & angst? We are all tired of the daily mental transactions of trying our level best to achieve our dreams, facing challenges, sometimes overcoming them & finally winning the battle. It’s not daily that we do win battles- some days or weeks are just tiresome. It is during times like these one must understand the need to take some time off & retrospect- just close your minds, relax, become one with nature. One perfect place to do just that is Pavana Lake!

Just about an hour’s drive from Pune, Pavana Lake is situated at a place where you can easily leave the hustle-bustle of the city. We were lucky that we chose the weekend of Holi (festival of colours) to visit this lovely place- generally, weekends are crowded with many corporate trips- however, this weekend, we were lucky to be the only ones out there!

There are multiple camping options around Pavana Lake which are handled by the villagers & one can easily book a camping ticket through Bookmyshow. There are also a couple of 5-star lake resorts near Pavana & I am sure I will go back once more to experience a similar evening sans camping fever!

We reached just before sunset & I would urge everyone to do so- watching the sunset at the edge of a still water lake is beautiful. While sunset is the time most of us return from offices, we miss the beauty due to traffic. Here, one can hear the birds chirping, the sun going down while the moon rises & looks down upon us. The weather suddenly becomes pleasant now that the scorching heat of the sun is substituted by fresh wafts of wind from the lake!

The tents are small, cosy for a company of 2! Remember to carry extra bedsheets & covers because it does get chilly at night.

We sat next to the lake for I don’t know how long- it was simply beautiful! I could hear my thoughts, I could hear a nearby group singing songs, I could smell freshness in the air. The icing on the cake was the amazing food- fresh, home-made village food- fish & chicken barbeque, hot dal & rice, paneer curry & chicken curry! Tastier than the food was the hospitality of the villagers who made me feel at home. The humility & happiness expressed on their faces while we ate their food was priceless- it was a lesson to be learned. They were the perfect example of Atithi Devo Bhava!

The night whisked by! Soon came the sunrise which was equally splendid & gorgeous. We gorged upon the Kande Pohe for breakfast & we were refreshed enough to come back to the city & begin our work with a renewed sense of purpose & energy!