Heidelberg- Reasons to visit and live the fairy tale!

A short train ride from my current city of residence, Karlsruhe, is the university town of Heidelberg. Even during the cold winter of January, it is a dreamy town- both with and without the customary morning fog omnipresent in European winters!

Since relocating to Germany, I have enrolled myself at the local Volkshochschule for German language training. We had a holiday owing to Christmas and New year till the 8th of Jan. We saw this a perfect time for a weekend trip to Heidelberg!

Like many other German towns, Heidelberg has an Aldstadt meaning "old city". This is where all the picturesque places are located! You can reach here from the Hauptbahnhof either by foot or by bus. On our first day, took the bus, but we soon realized that the weather was perfect for us to walk around the whole town! Hence, we spent the next 2 days walking around both the old and the new town!

The Altstadt market was still decorated with remnants of the Weihnachtsmart and it was just perfect! On our first day, we simple roamed around the market, had lunch at a pretty restaurant just next to the Alt Brucke (old bridge) and admired the beautiful city from the bridge!

The Christmas lights were still decorated at the AltMarkt
Christmas Market at Heidelberg

We had booked the Leonardo Hotel for our stay. It was located perfectly across the old town and we realized we could walk up and down the old market every day! We ended up coming to the old town for all our meals!