Hola Madrid! Let's Dance!

One of my greatest passions in life is dance! I have been a dancer since I remember- be it school plays, community events or a club- I am ready to dance at the drop of a hat! It is with little surprise then that I was super excited about our visit to Madrid where we had booked a Flamenco show! What I did not know was how closely it resembled the dance form I have always loved & cherished!

The Flamenco is a stylish, fast-paced & rhythmic form of dance with its origins in Andalusia, Spain. Much of its history has been lost in time. Dancers make unique sounds by tapping their foot on to wooden floors & different parts of their body, each sound has a different meaning & expressions accompanying these sounds make the audience simply mesmerized. The dance is accompanied by guitar playing and the audience is expected to actively participate in the performance by chanting Olewhenever they want to appreciate the dancers. In fact, before the performance begins the audience is given a short introduction to the dance form through a workshop which makes the main performance even more exciting!

As I mentioned, the dance form reminded me of Kathak. Having learned, performed & revered Kathak for over a 2 decades now, I could see close resemblances- both dance forms require aggressive foot movements, both dance forms need swift actions & endearing expressions to inform the audience about the meaning of the dance and song being played irrespective of the language. Dance truly breaks down any forms of linguistic barriers & transfers the human mind to a world which is pure, rhythmic & overwhelmingly beautiful.

The performance lasted about an hour and we had the great pleasure of viewing 7 great Flamenco dancers performing to their heart's content! Our night in Madrid just became very special!

P.S: We began our Spanish Escapade at Madrid & could not have begun it at a better place!