Hampi: It's RUINed!

Updated: May 11, 2020

India has so many places of ancient significance. The world’s first plumbing system was developed by ancient Sumerians in the Indus Valley Civilization. We have been home to so many dynasties and every dynasty has left back a little token of their existence on our land. One such amazingly beautiful land belongs to the Vijayanagara Empire!

Right at the centre of the city flows a river, which turns into a small dry rivulet during the summer months. This river was the source of livelihood for so many ancient men & women, it carries many stories untold!

Options to stay inside Hampi are similar to beach Shacks in Goa. If you are not comfortable in those, Bellary is the nearest town- we stayed at Hotel Rock Regency which was pretty good & comfortable as it is used for corporate functions. To live away from Hampi, you need to ensure that you have a vehicle at hand as the drive is about 30 minutes depending on the traffic.

Hands down 2 things which are a must in Hampi apart from admiring the ruins- shopping & café hopping! Street shopping in Hampi is exciting- junk jewelry, inexpensive clothes that can be used for beach wear & faux brand bags are easily available. Haggling is a must & since I am terrible at that, I always bring my better half along with me everywhere!

The Laughing Buddha Café is the best we explored- its right next to the river & one can see the bustling town from the café. It’s like watching television at real time, enjoying the slow pace of life while sipping on to a fruit juice & some tasty snacks. You can hear distant temple bells ringing & cow herders calling their herd back home. Let your phone get charged while you get recharged!

Till they invent the time machine, I suggest you visit Hampi to go back to an era when mankind created such wonders that still instil awe in us today.