Kaas Plateau: Nature's own Wedding Decor!

Updated: May 11, 2020

Every wedding you go, your eyes are awed by unique flower decoration ideas. You wonder if anything can be more creative- yes it can be! When nature plays stylist, the outcome is overwhelmingly gorgeous.

Kaas is known as the valley of flowers- and truly so! It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site & known for a seasonal bloom of wildflowers. Located near Satara, a short leisure drive from Pune, this grassland turns into a valley of flowers during the monsoon season- mainly from August to October. I was happy to learn that the number of tourists visiting this place is limited on a daily basis to avoid possible damage to the flora.

Stepping into the plateau one does not realize the treat they are in for. A seemingly normal drive suddenly ends & visitors are expected to walk the rest of the plateau. While walking we discovered large areas of freshly bloomed flowers, delicately smiling at us & forcing us to stop & admire their seasonal beauty. To avoid damage, we selected a rocky zone to sit down & rest- that was just a ruse! We wanted to spend more time in this heaven. Sometimes, the surroundings just make you feel like one of its own. This was one of those times! With every passing minute, we became more & more engrossed in the situation & before any one of us realized we had just stopped speaking for the first time in many hours! Words were simply not required for the experience we were having & the feeling we were enjoying!

Time passed by slowly & soon dark cloud began gathering right above us. We hadn’t expected it to rain!

And, it didn’t! These were just dark clouds but the weather suddenly turned chilly & the flower petals were not the only one’s covered in dew! We were drenched wet & suddenly ravenously hungry! That’s when I had the most delicious meal of my life- hot potato & onion pakodas (Batata & Kanda Bhajji), Vada Pav & piping, hot Chai!