The Foodie Paradise that is Zaragosa!

Updated: May 12, 2020

Close your eyes & imagine this- a city buzzing with beautiful men, women & children wearing traditional costumes and dancing to the tunes of a live band! You are holding your partner’s hand & trying to find your way through the happy crowd to the long-range of bars while tapping your feet to the funky music at the same time. At least- you reach the bar where you can choose from among at least 12 appetizers or as the Spanish call it- Tapas! Gulp the Tapas down with your favourite beer & make your way to the city centre to continue enjoying the festivities!

From an Indian perspective, Tapas is somewhat similar to Chakhna- an appetizer you have with your favourite glass of drink. The varieties are equally unique- sausages, grilled fish, fried chicken, barbeque chicken, toasted cheesy bread, pork & beef bruschetta, wine-induced meat sandwiches….the list simple doesn’t end! In fact, no two restaurants would have the same kind of Tapas. Each tapas costs around a Euro- which is expensive considering one Tapas will not satiate your hunger- in fact, it will make you want more! However, this is a standard rate across Spain & it’s much cheaper compared to the rest of Europe.

Zaragosa is known for the Lady of Pilar church & this day I have made you imagine in your head was the day celebrating her. Like many other Spanish cities, Zaragosa too is the perfect blend of modern amenities standing hand in hand with ancient, sophisticated architecture. This perfect blend of fashion & nostalgia is what made me fall in love with cities like Valencia & Zaragosa. In spite of these cities being the home to busybodies- the atmosphere was still homely, lively & made me want to just stop & look around!

Describing Zaragosa to be picturesque would be an understatement. With the temperature at a chilly 16 degrees Celcius (I am from Mumbai & used to a humid, hot climate) & parks are strewn across the city as if they were cards being drawn from a pack- Zaragosa made our last day in Spain amazing! The festivities, food, drinks & shopping made sure that we would leave Spain with a longing to return again!