Valencia: The Perfect blend of Past and Present!

Updated: May 13, 2020

A walk down small lanes provides deep insights into an entire community, every step you take into an alley makes you fall deeper into a different era, and it’s as if you are living at a different time! You get snapped back into reality when you step across the old city gates & look at the modern glass buildings bearing strong recognizance of the 21st century but somehow it does not clash with the ancient Architecture just behind you. All of these emotions occur simultaneously as you walk around the beautiful, ancient city of Valencia.

Walking across the Plaza de la Virgin is a pleasure to one’s eyes- sit down for a drink & soak in the excitement from the crowd. The Valencia Central Market is relatively modern with its construction dating back to 1914- not only is its construction unique & beautiful it is also one of the largest food markets in Europe & well known for the fresh product its vendors sell daily. Valencia is very well known for Saffron & if you want to buy some there is no better place than this market! Quite a few buildings in Valencia are declared to be UNESCO World Heritage sites. Discovering the entire city of Valencia requires a minimum of 3 days’ time & I suggest you do take out time for this amazing cultural extravaganza!

On the modern side of the city, there are numerous convention halls and the City of Arts & Sciences is the most modern destination in the city! The City of Arts & Sciences hosts an IMAX, planetarium & laserium, interactive museum, an open-air oceanographic park, an opera house for performing arts- it has been designed by acclaimed architect Santiago Calatrava & has been in the midst of many controversies since its inception.

Valencia, like very few other cities, magically & harmoniously combines the remnants of the glorious past & innovative architecture of this era. One can experience the old worldly charms of Spain as well as step into the present whenever required. There is another exciting aspect of Valencia- but that calls for a separate Tale!