5 tips to overcome disappointments during vacations!

Updated: May 13, 2020

We have all faced uncertainties during vacations- flights being cancelled, trains being re-scheduled, last-minute rush to the airport making us forget stuff back home! Although vacations are meant to be relaxing, sometimes we go so deep into making sure that everything is perfect that we forget about relaxing! It happens to the best of us. Under such circumstances, I have found it best to follow a few simple things!

1. Focus on what's coming next!

It's important to realize that the vacation is not over! In fact, it's just getting started! Forget that you lost your wallet, forget that you forgot your trekking shoes. Anything and everything can be bought. A practice I always follow to ensure that I don't run out of money is, keeping cash as well as cards at different places in the luggage. God forbid if I misplace something or my wallet gets stolen, I still have enough to help me continue the vacation!

2. Shop your heart away!

Yes, your flight was delayed which shortened your time at the city you planned to spend it in. So what? Make it up by shopping! Every place has a busy locale within the premises which gives you a flavour of the complete place through various momentoes! Invest in that!

3. Drink your sorrows away!

Need I explain more? Someone wise once said, "Write when you are inebriated, Edit when you are Sober". Do the same with your vacation. Remember only the good things.

4. Eat your heart out!

Forget your diet plan! Ditch that friend who stops you from eating fries and junk. It's the time of your life! Enjoy! You are finally on the vacation you planned to be in!

5. Close your eyes and relax!

If nothing seems to be working just shut your eyes, imagine where you would have been if this plan had not materialized! I am sure it will bring a smile to your face!