Top picks for 5 days in Schwarzwald that will leave you wanting more- Part 1!

It has been more than a year since I planned a holiday and went on a vacation. With the vaccination drive in Germany gaining momentum, we found an opportunity to plan this year’s summer holiday to the Black Forest or Schwarzwald- a place I have always wanted to visit.

The Black Forest is a large forested region in the southern state of Baden Württemberg in Germany. It is also the source of rivers Danube and Neckar.

Like most places we visit, it's impossible to cover everything in 8 days while also trying to maintain a relaxed schedule. Nonetheless, I wanted to get a feel for the life in this region and spend as much time as possible in the wilderness while having the option to return to the pretty cobbled streets of all European cities. There is nothing better than having a cocktail or a coffee in an open-air cafe in Altstadt during the summer in Germany!


Evening sights from Freiburg Hauptbahnhof

Both my husband and I, love travelling while also relaxing- summers in Europe are perfect for that given the really long days! At Freiburg, we set up our base camp. It was perfect! The city is lively, there are multiple restaurant options with cuisines from across the globe and great rail connectivity to other parts of the Black Forest we wanted to visit. Freiburg itself boasts multiple places one can visit- but I was particularly excited about Schauinsland and that's where we went the first day!

Schauinsland, translated literally means 'a view into the country'. To get here, one needs to first board the Strassenbahn to Dorfstrasse. From there, another bus ride will take you to the Schauinslandbahn- the cable car that operates from the foot of the mountain to the top. It is a 20-minute journey and every minute is breathtaking!

Trekking after reaching the Schauinsland Summit

Pro tip: The Freiburg Welcome Card includes local transport in Freiburg for 3 days as well as the tickets for the Schauinslandbahn thus making it a super deal!

Upon our return to the city, we stopped for lunch and then climbed the Schlossberg for a panoramic view of Freiburg. It's not a very tough trek but the steep climb did make me stop a couple of times to catch my breath! The view is worth the climb!

View from the top of Freiburg Schlossberg

All in all, 2 days is enough to visit all the popular places at Freiburg. That does not however mean, you can't spend more time. If you do have the time, feel free to explore more!


If there was ever a personification for the saying 'journey is more beautiful than the destination', the travel from Freiburg to Triberg would be it! Triberg is of course absolutely gorgeous, but given that it takes almost 2 hours (if there are no train delays) from Freiburg to reach Triberg, I would make this journey again simply to see the pretty towns and villages that come along the way when you are riding the Schwarzwaldbahn!

Beautiful sights along the way to Triberg

Triberg itself is most well known for the traditional cuckoo clocks and the black forest cake. I would personally recommend having the Black Forest Cake at this cafe. While you are there, try the Dampfnudel with Vanilla Sauce too!

The city itself is quite small and can be covered in a day. The Triberg Waterfalls are quite popular, but I have seen the Niagara Falls and multiple waterfalls in India- so I wasn't in the mood to spend 11 EUR to visit a waterfall! But if you have the time and interest, that's another activity which can be easily covered in a day.

With our bags full of cuckoo clock gifts for friends and family, we returned to try yet another restaurant at Freiburg! The rest of our trip will be covered in Part 2 of this blog!